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work-in-progress, the gift


her orange box

needs work, a
final touch, you

know, perhaps
surprise inclusions, an
indigo wrap in selection

a purplish satin ribbon
in whitish heart out blurbs

with a customary
stick-tag overall

the red cloth
stuffy bear
doesnt seem
to be one
till now

her will
is at place
at pace

time: a
notion, a





shackled, in the bitter breaths of a bleeding past


as she descended down the striped
metal steps so swinging
up and down like a hung standby ladder
by her lightweight steps swollen above
with heavyheartedness,
the terrace free airs thinned
to almost nonexistence
though slow-swayed copious
of still Moringa canopies, choking
her with such unadulterated
crocinous bitterness


unlike the instantly flashing
Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s words:
” It was inevitable: the scent of bitter
almonds always reminded him
of the fate of unrequited love.”
these oleiferous leafiness
scratched afresh
past hypocrisies
and loaded vengeance
that backstabbed,
all in the name of love

But then again
his words that dug in
gripped befitting:
“…time was not passing…it was turning
in a circle…”,
when her caged birdheart
struggled frequent
in the clutches
of past episodes
that stuck as prolonged
feverish tonguebuds
neither burnt out nor high
but floated as persistent
unweeded thorny stubs
seeded deep down
the windpipe until beatenup
lungs shrunk, cornered
in disarrayed clumpy mess

it was not just the shrink’s call


her fragile frame
trembling tuning forks within
everytime concealed her fragments
by a constant bleak stare that translated
only long after
as continental desperations surging from somewhere around her overflowed  corner eyes that beheld tiding timidness of time

her tender nine-year oldness
got defined by the shrink
a sensitive adolescent
absolutely normal
finally stamped strong doubts: a case of transmitted depression
fingers pointed towards the accused
myself,  point of origin
both her genetics and symptomatic present

I sat under red focus
like a suicidal parasite
realizing just then
how increasingly dangerous mothering had been showering
my lil girls

grilling sessions
looked one of toughest corporate questionnaires
except for the ‘deeply personal’ theme

I exploded
almost all stained milestones
chained in a row
however illogical it sounded or not

out of the enigmatic pages
a forgotten character rose in quizzical magnitudes
her (biological) father
the probable braveheart then
who proved nonetheless disastrous
obeying my irreparably cursed fatelines

he, a leader of the local masses
a respected family man
how and when and why
me and him
nobody knew

he dissipated like a sudden dust storm one day
fuelled by his alcoholic self, who got no returns
from this fading soul out of his plundering games

dreamy love that almost realized
got stunted by myself
had left him his own way
weeds sprawled out of my fields

and “he” retold ten years later

the enormous silence of the lady shrink
broke out strikingly human
the next morning

a call from the empathetic her
” you shouldn’t tell about him
to her, for her own and your good”
she then knew she had only reiterated my decision taken long back

the drunken wayward man
had already thrown me out of his freaking world
his saved number once answered
” the number doesn’t exist “,
on the very same date nine years ago.

he never existed after that. forever

enigmatic ‘time(s)’


Fractional drips
filling up conundrum vessels
Or were they exponentially
birthed fissions
in clairvoyant mission?

as cut off pendulums
in standoff vacuums
of melancholic monotony

in an unventured space within?

Chimed notes
between spontaneous innocence
and indecipherable ticking motives

And,  scrapped off immortal skins 
rained as papered emery clots
wriggling amoebic in no determination
Clogged breathing basal floors in a landlock

Eyes caught temporal sparkles
studded in rare angular dimensions
only waning off in diabolical nothings

Alternating strides
Spatial dunes in shadowy furrows
Spread amongst the live frames
Preying mass
in bled out skeletons
needing graveyards

Were ‘they’ traversing
or scapelessly dreaming?

Would ‘they’ be reversing
or infinitely forwarding?

Riveting equations
demanded amending tools

Greyed chunks engrossed
Were they flawed..or outwitting expanse
Or ever they were, not mattered enough?

Time Rugged Soul


Crunched, punched,

bashed, thrashed

punished, banished

dumped, deserted

severed ,stabbed …

Lets stop this spree now..

you have been graceful enough

to endow all your glorious,

memorable virtues on me

all  mind tattooed to

indelible entities so

scary, and  now I feel

weary of treading against you !

those wrinlkled drapes with

skeptical gazes and terribly shrunken brows ,

those dry straw hairs like a shabby cotton candy’

better  a nesting ground for scattering sparrows,

those firmless foot almost dry and rotting with innumerous

vein branched open cracks, like a map of river tributaries,

Now take it either a tit for tat to shed away your abuses,

or joining hands silently with your reigning military regimes,

Oh Time-here is my magical, divine compelling companion

for all turbulent terrain and life’s searching sojourn,

Packed with all wellness and goodness so chosen-

calmly composed and well-knit, washed against even corroding cruel acids ,

faded patches and holed likes scratches, rarely with rat gnawed etchings.

he’s never detached, always agglutinated like a lacy layered skin inborn,

needs no care and never he dares to make a tare, under any grueling glares,

He still makes me feel high and fly more, like a passerine swallow,

with all deserving happy chic looks, garnering some throws of romances too,

all those cribbing stupidity vanished by his hard found cupidity,

feels like being impossibly successful in stretching or shortening the time abstract,

the ticking and the clocking of time so mechanical, seems like coinciding with my

craving heart’s singing beat so rhythmic and rhapsodical,

indeed always indebted to him infinitely and incredibly ,


Solemnly spelling out are my inherited genes to my rugged jeans…