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Hope. from the wetting imprints of deeply digging monsoonal twilights towards a syncing cosmic eternity..


hope. a fading 4ish sun’s lantern rays
of a densely dying day- whoseth

delicately fractioned and fluidly

fimbriating nightish fibres

impossibly delivers

a mammothly birthed helianthus sun-

yet again. in an

endlessly countless

mystical continuum


this miniscule stardust sparklet

floats amidst death and darkness

a soul sprinkled n embedded

in your hope. of love..


Pic courtesy: self- a twilightic monsoonal- gripped mumbai


the unprecedented forbearance of presence


the dreams remained dreams

shows you a melting romantic
in hold of eyes before hands

last night, when we drove
in a windy suv, you broke out
of your love
to accompanying grimly me in some other secretive mission
that was perhaps targeted against the gang you operated
and yet surprisingly …it not even took a second for eyes
in an awaited awoken mergence all at once
my vines wound around your pedestal chest
simmering cheeks in motion slided
settled in an unsaid equilibrium
on your warmth-radiating lap

but then, dream dissolves
inconclusive as usual
leaves an opaque painball deep in the eyecores
and an uncomfortable rheumy coldness
wetting lashy concaves
as they rub hard to stare
at tearing sunny reality

the tears stick around
the whole day as a glimmery shield
in washouts of blinding dusty intrusions

brimming as hot spring hopes often

until again dreamy darkness takes over:
mostly the fears and past in repetitive patterns
mixed enigmatic with hope and hidden sunrays
to be impossibly unraveled:
the future

neither the vastly nights nor the hidden lights maketh me to sustain

it’s the very focusing eyes
in daring holds of pain and tears and winds and dusts and chills and a flashing smile facing incidence: the now

p.s: the title was somehow inspired by milan kundera’s ,” The Unbearblae Lightness of Being” & its film version.

thus they(we) remain


Moon out of infringing clouds
dashes out now and then
 flashing off-whites in craterous turbulence
his path never lead to her
her dark skins crave his farther lights
open and wide in (unk)nightly shivers

thus they remain

zillion moments curled and coiled in one
 this each dna moment
 linked in our minute pairings
this unbroken intimacy
is what we love to live
 living this mammoth silence  
 never  bewildering  are our phasing in or out
the promises in pious observance
 And, never ever freak out in sound peaks
     all over no one but  flirtatious frivolous stars
     even not to ourselves in impatient desires
as long ever
thus we remain
in transfusing silence