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The Bygone (E)Ra (Re)Turns…. A FireEye


a chirpy rhythmic
sparrowy koel
(she was)
in a rare naturalistic flair

and, in blue print nylons. those mini florals
a matching locket dangled . timidly metallous

devoid of blues (was she)

her eyes lit
as she looked upon Ra
(like everbefore)

who, a clumped mass
by its conceptions
of obsoleted self

to her
the Ra was Soulflame
burning endlessly zealous

Ra, reminiscing
through its bloated vagueness pockets
greened gangrenes
weighed itself down
in strangulating blockades

not an illumination until distant visions
doomed times in marching strides

a reducing matchstick
abrased its solid graphitic stamps
and choking smogs
over its ashen nothingness

it needed to starve in stringent constrictions
to be fusing its spaces from within and between
to be gotten kissing stuck in purposed strongholds kicking forward

each segmental cell danced n-directions
a lightning centipede but paced smooth
much differently from shelled slimy snail

indecipherably penetrating fire
of mingled singularity


the days I fell into your eye’s


once i said someone
a fool that believes
is better than anything in doubts

and then
it was myself
swimming inside your sunshine eyes
from that sped fraction of light you shed
that still i considered
one in a zillionth probability of turned events

your desperate eyes grazed
allover the porompoke minds
got fixed at my stunned ones
what you felt in them i knew
the curious chaotic muddusts
awaited fallow hearts
raring to be shaped
in unfashioned
and forgotten

plotting realestate species
never minded
our moulded muddy home
ironed suns smiling within