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brightened nightlight’s faded moth scales heightened eyeful eternity


speeds lightning a jettrail of life
as if to instantly weave a magic

these scopeless stilleyes
break out in babyblinks

vividly reminisce

some fairytale page

in an often acutely constricting
tubular rimmed dotting spirals
that dims to a drained nowhere

– a portal’s ascendance

a humbly palish yellow
tiny moth -of a destined
intersecting times

just a moment it thrills
by its avatar presence
in oaring flutterbys

-kisses its mirrorself

and the next

its gone

still stamps allover
its image. it’s eternity

fiery lit burning eyes
despite blank screens

defies vehemently
the patterning existential
ephemeral shadows

formlessly shaping truths

in infinite dream imprints

Pic credit: Daniel Merriam/ “Eye of tye Storm” Giclee on Canvas


eyegame #1 : the crisis


eyes in utter
searched yours
in an awaited

but when they met
in an instant
dramatic act…

mine threw away
from focussing
yours’ drawing
magnetic ones

…out of ?

a combobulated

of infinite craving
and intense love
in just opposing

of a racing self-disperal
of an enacted ignorance
of quickened movements

but why?

when the need
was in embracing
your rendezvous

Just wondering
if the same chaos
dug you so deep
and  sweet bitter
stirring a crisis



the unprecedented forbearance of presence


the dreams remained dreams

shows you a melting romantic
in hold of eyes before hands

last night, when we drove
in a windy suv, you broke out
of your love
to accompanying grimly me in some other secretive mission
that was perhaps targeted against the gang you operated
and yet surprisingly …it not even took a second for eyes
in an awaited awoken mergence all at once
my vines wound around your pedestal chest
simmering cheeks in motion slided
settled in an unsaid equilibrium
on your warmth-radiating lap

but then, dream dissolves
inconclusive as usual
leaves an opaque painball deep in the eyecores
and an uncomfortable rheumy coldness
wetting lashy concaves
as they rub hard to stare
at tearing sunny reality

the tears stick around
the whole day as a glimmery shield
in washouts of blinding dusty intrusions

brimming as hot spring hopes often

until again dreamy darkness takes over:
mostly the fears and past in repetitive patterns
mixed enigmatic with hope and hidden sunrays
to be impossibly unraveled:
the future

neither the vastly nights nor the hidden lights maketh me to sustain

it’s the very focusing eyes
in daring holds of pain and tears and winds and dusts and chills and a flashing smile facing incidence: the now

p.s: the title was somehow inspired by milan kundera’s ,” The Unbearblae Lightness of Being” & its film version.

*eyes undefined*


this carpentered wood
caged in civilities
never knew of something
like moulting or such
when was but only
chronically peeled off
into abandonments

torn to sharp (self) sarcasm strips
of multi-fimbriating stratae
ungummed, obtusely skewed
laughing in unparalleled
loosening insanity
of still stuck
inner narrowing fleshy core
piercing ‘seat’-i-‘zens’
in at least
stark-remembered degrees
of injurious protusive angles

musty black streaks
dampened humidities
amongst them
was a rusty nail in persistence (of what?)
somehow highlighted
like a turning bit of fertile udder
under sparkling five-ish yellow rays
uncovered from a thundery darknoon
in unasked drizzles
over crispy cemented pavement
that went all shadowy
upon many fat-droplets’
in ghostly absorbance

turgid mind
breathlessly compressed
from force-coloured witnessings
driven from its own innard-screwing
bitterness strokes:
feverish tonguebuds
fatigued yogic muscles
almost holed-out bodily margins
in fluttery-shivering exposure
to unseasonal spells
of some chilling virulence

detox regimen
or degenerative liberation:
all for once
of a beginning (of an end)

whatever nomenclature
phenomena were perceived

had subtle-eyed permanence:
pain-pages of realisations
not forgetting
random maddenings
screamed inbetween

“even ‘nothing’
is with meaning
in a dream web of pervasive
where simulation
of cosmic infinities
applied alike
unto infinitesimal


the days I fell into your eye’s


once i said someone
a fool that believes
is better than anything in doubts

and then
it was myself
swimming inside your sunshine eyes
from that sped fraction of light you shed
that still i considered
one in a zillionth probability of turned events

your desperate eyes grazed
allover the porompoke minds
got fixed at my stunned ones
what you felt in them i knew
the curious chaotic muddusts
awaited fallow hearts
raring to be shaped
in unfashioned
and forgotten

plotting realestate species
never minded
our moulded muddy home
ironed suns smiling within

Mind of the Eyes


Mind of the Eyes

dimness pleading to pitch black….

she pushes her way to  linen bed ,

stopping while at her dressing rack…

when brilliant shade of metallic red,

flashes in the mirror’s face of disgrace

décor lines as her eyes’ outline trace

feeble hands still working on those eyes…

eyes of gloom never to bloom, she says

eyes hear her dumbly  to her fake rejoice

she hears them whisper to its true conscience,

faint memories of sleep I have

pain as my daily gain I reap

white yolk a ball of dragon fire I dress

balls of  black beauty  I adorn

Light of the soul I emanate

Passion of the heart I fiercely burn

Thoughts of the mind I encrypt

Hope of Life I  rejuvenate…..

Grief of the ages I see

Strive against fate I fight

Tears of toil I shed

Sweetness of victory I shower

Humbleness in you I empower

I am the luck with you forever..

I am the mind of the eyes..

I am the eyes of the mind ..

she stood there taken aback  immense

by  two more minds with no pretence !