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thus they(we) remain


Moon out of infringing clouds
dashes out now and then
 flashing off-whites in craterous turbulence
his path never lead to her
her dark skins crave his farther lights
open and wide in (unk)nightly shivers

thus they remain

zillion moments curled and coiled in one
 this each dna moment
 linked in our minute pairings
this unbroken intimacy
is what we love to live
 living this mammoth silence  
 never  bewildering  are our phasing in or out
the promises in pious observance
 And, never ever freak out in sound peaks
     all over no one but  flirtatious frivolous stars
     even not to ourselves in impatient desires
as long ever
thus we remain
in transfusing silence




Infinite love blossoms
in our MAAYA of mind gardens ,

Shooting out passionate JUGNUs
of mutual deep heart crater-ing ,

Just the smell of your sight makes
me in a deep enchanting trance ,

Like an ageless RISHI’s graceful dance
in a hyper-cosmic hypnotic nod,

Hymning are my lips subconsciously
only your truthful NAAMAH,

Chanting in chorus , hear my cellular
anthem of our sacred PREMA,

Sacred BRAHMINI scriptures are these
engraved verses , our life’s ARTHA,

Purpose of the very ME is YOU, It’s
OUR MOKSHA- a liberating realization,

Purpose of the very YOU is ME , It’s OUR
SOOKSHMA-a truthful yet subtle revelation.

Words instilled by KALI, this SHAKTHI writes now..
All I ever know is YOU –OM NAMAH SHIVAYA!

P.S. Usage of Sanskrit Words sought to add the spiritual touch true to the theme.



Just not trying to remove the ruling ageless notion recorded ever,
Also not attempting to rewrite the most-fitting genuine genders,

Reversal of an universal assumption, nay a new postulate,
Still never changing their love equation, only a poetic correlate,

Her limitlessly sprawling pliable dermatic layers, soft and fluffy,
Her blue lilac body facial, white rouge cheeks & clouded spots ,

His magnetic core attracting her to a madly enveloping
circumference, their kissing horizons a passionate testimony,

He’s sometimes angrily moved and shaken by her widening
distance, tectonc shift of jawplates & tremors he sends out,

Her abstract mind and emotional existence, is beyond any
encapsulation, You Muscular mortal man-She is elusive & eternal,

Declared the ever-engaging love in all scriptures & literatures,
No denying that, Earth and Sky- Ever ever made for each other,

True love equilibrium is what you preach by your amazing stance,
Best ever love is elusive and eternal, only soul-eyes are in unison,

I again wanna stress the new-revealing gender, take it or not!
Earth is the He-man Magnetic & Sky is the She-lady Elegant!!