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the unprecedented forbearance of presence


the dreams remained dreams

shows you a melting romantic
in hold of eyes before hands

last night, when we drove
in a windy suv, you broke out
of your love
to accompanying grimly me in some other secretive mission
that was perhaps targeted against the gang you operated
and yet surprisingly …it not even took a second for eyes
in an awaited awoken mergence all at once
my vines wound around your pedestal chest
simmering cheeks in motion slided
settled in an unsaid equilibrium
on your warmth-radiating lap

but then, dream dissolves
inconclusive as usual
leaves an opaque painball deep in the eyecores
and an uncomfortable rheumy coldness
wetting lashy concaves
as they rub hard to stare
at tearing sunny reality

the tears stick around
the whole day as a glimmery shield
in washouts of blinding dusty intrusions

brimming as hot spring hopes often

until again dreamy darkness takes over:
mostly the fears and past in repetitive patterns
mixed enigmatic with hope and hidden sunrays
to be impossibly unraveled:
the future

neither the vastly nights nor the hidden lights maketh me to sustain

it’s the very focusing eyes
in daring holds of pain and tears and winds and dusts and chills and a flashing smile facing incidence: the now

p.s: the title was somehow inspired by milan kundera’s ,” The Unbearblae Lightness of Being” & its film version.


cut’throat’ procedure [ your kiss]


this is not ‘its’ basal abyss
that falls in an unfalling stagnation as before
its this time somewhere much above this dark ceiling
very much under trembling jawline in incision
of a thick painpull, the choking tongue strings

and damn
these blatant eyes
in start of a dumb effusive gush
that which startdrops a slow flow
in a crashing midway stand, at nasal
and that, this first wave
washes away astonishingly
by successive express-avalanche
anguish streams

the eyes. damn them again

never seem to dry out
like endless wordtrails in hardswallow
unsuccessful though in a burial
pricking as eternal thorns
in the same abyss, perplexing
juncture of a type

swelling facade shrinks in and out, more
of awkward compressions that bulge to sink
to bulge and so on such repeat episodes
peel out chilly patches
outta sorta airy deltaic drains
or are thay hastily random
evaporative vacuums
joining here and there?

feed on each crystal salt in shine-embeds
on my porous shores from erosive flows
and get hurt bit excessive over
cracking upper-lower softmounds
in need of moisture from your transfer
from almost lifeless stature
by needling target bites
on now resident peristaltic clumps
in a dilemma over the same
directionless abyss

self-tracherous straits
of a [hungry]throat
in your [passion]holds
in a clear’cut’ panacea

nothing if not heavy
descends down
to coagulate ‘enigmatic’
depths of sustenance

enigmatic ‘time(s)’


Fractional drips
filling up conundrum vessels
Or were they exponentially
birthed fissions
in clairvoyant mission?

as cut off pendulums
in standoff vacuums
of melancholic monotony

in an unventured space within?

Chimed notes
between spontaneous innocence
and indecipherable ticking motives

And,  scrapped off immortal skins 
rained as papered emery clots
wriggling amoebic in no determination
Clogged breathing basal floors in a landlock

Eyes caught temporal sparkles
studded in rare angular dimensions
only waning off in diabolical nothings

Alternating strides
Spatial dunes in shadowy furrows
Spread amongst the live frames
Preying mass
in bled out skeletons
needing graveyards

Were ‘they’ traversing
or scapelessly dreaming?

Would ‘they’ be reversing
or infinitely forwarding?

Riveting equations
demanded amending tools

Greyed chunks engrossed
Were they flawed..or outwitting expanse
Or ever they were, not mattered enough?

….matterless spanless ubiquitous mysterious


the antidote for a little love
is ,not surprisingly, the same entity
in an immeasurable limitless immensity
never boring in overly sweetness yet growing needily
soul lives and thrives in beautiful solitude beyond life
even as its true to subject and object of love cease to exist
or never exists in loveless subject and object of meaningless lives
life doesn’t matter for this, the spanless love in search of the inexplicable unknown
which crosses frames of many boundaries, to be a mystery of universe



How well do I know myself?
That ‘well’ is unfathomable for me,
Which for many others may be very negligible,
I am who I am, still often I ask to myself, Who am I?
Do you ‘know’ who I am?
Even if you do, your ‘know’ is a different one from mine,
My ‘know’ is what I think I had ‘known’,
That may be just a hypothetical assumption
Or a doubtful case of terribly mistaken,
Or may be only an illusory conception,
Or only a self-appealing notion..

Whatever ‘known’ about self,
I am unlearning to be ‘unknown’,
For what is in me, is still an enigma,
I do try to unravel the inner persona..
Sometimes find as curious as a playful little child,
Sometimes find as mysterious as the one most ‘wanted’
Sometimes trying to be worldly logical like most men,
But almost all times in solitude heart garden so feminine,
Sometimes, feels like a bursting volcanic magma,
Sometimes, feels as cool as a succulent cucumber..

The only way is now to wait until fag-end December,
When just another year ruthlessly passes away,
Time merely seems monotonous each minute,
Exactly opposite, I feel myself new each moment,
Ceaseless self-exploration until last breath,
Is what my momentous lifetime take-away ..