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death is a myth when our search is forever, my beautiful soul traveler..


that a calm moment
frozen to eternity..in
the so-climactic lap
of dying & death

death is a myth my soft bird, my young one

eyes in tears and bled furthermore
shall hold the truth of eternal soul

your soul travels
around amidst amongst mine

defied. undefined . the search

rest in peace in the present space, this violent stage

for our cosmic chaos in motion
thrives unbound, forever in deep tranquility

P.s: picture courtesy:

1) Joseph Mallord William TurnerDeath on a Pale Horse’ (?) c.1825–30

2)Pic by self: Lily, my sweet small kitten, the lil one facing, whose beautiful soul left its bodily space today..RIP dear one…


th(i/u)s [densifying] nothingness


that which was thinly expected

vanished in dashing off tracks

and that which was held desperate

was taken off in lightning brusqueness

those unsaid words from your

still (why so?) steadied eyes…spewed

silenced outbursts of coldening heaviness

unto this yearning soul black hole, streaming

inner with infinite molten suns…such

obligated rigidities

of a compacting vacuum, this

cosmically amoebic destiny

in a chaotic gravitating enigma-this

as if a fatally magnetic

pain-precipitated perpetuality

pic credit courtesy: Kimberly M. Becoat, Absence of Subjection, 2013. Rice paper, stones, mesh, acrylic and twine on paper.

the pic link from an interesting article here at http://www.e-flux.com/journal/79/94158/all-black-everything/

*eyes undefined*


this carpentered wood
caged in civilities
never knew of something
like moulting or such
when was but only
chronically peeled off
into abandonments

torn to sharp (self) sarcasm strips
of multi-fimbriating stratae
ungummed, obtusely skewed
laughing in unparalleled
loosening insanity
of still stuck
inner narrowing fleshy core
piercing ‘seat’-i-‘zens’
in at least
stark-remembered degrees
of injurious protusive angles

musty black streaks
dampened humidities
amongst them
was a rusty nail in persistence (of what?)
somehow highlighted
like a turning bit of fertile udder
under sparkling five-ish yellow rays
uncovered from a thundery darknoon
in unasked drizzles
over crispy cemented pavement
that went all shadowy
upon many fat-droplets’
in ghostly absorbance

turgid mind
breathlessly compressed
from force-coloured witnessings
driven from its own innard-screwing
bitterness strokes:
feverish tonguebuds
fatigued yogic muscles
almost holed-out bodily margins
in fluttery-shivering exposure
to unseasonal spells
of some chilling virulence

detox regimen
or degenerative liberation:
all for once
of a beginning (of an end)

whatever nomenclature
phenomena were perceived

had subtle-eyed permanence:
pain-pages of realisations
not forgetting
random maddenings
screamed inbetween

“even ‘nothing’
is with meaning
in a dream web of pervasive
where simulation
of cosmic infinities
applied alike
unto infinitesimal


FFFF = First Flush of Fighting Fireball


Out of the box balls arising anonymously from top-notch Zenith,

Fallen cosmic fireflies’ shower with a staggering ram pressure, 

Magical germinal emergence of tender wondrous never-seen pair

Of incandescent green flush, springing with forgotten innocence,

Skeletal bearing of iron-reticulated lifelines of die-hard hope veins,

Jerk loaded with buffering love-synthetic, abhor-aborting units,


Mutated genetic sequences against the trapping glittery jitters

Of neighbourhood blooming of bragging red-spotted Rafflesia,

With its hidden testimonials of silently slaughtered host vines,

Smiling petals concealing its penetrated parasitic life suckers,

Odoriferous rotten blood of earth depleting hunts and stunts,

Evil designed mission stands terminated by this cosmic fire-flush!


Heavenly conspiracy of the Sublime Black Cosmos synergistically

Bonded with massive intellect and awesome acumen flawlessly,

Of superior aliens, perfectly infuriated by the destructive dacoity,

On a rampant weeding out mission of pervading parasitic existence,

Universally dispersing the meteoric fleets of fireball seed soldiers,

Plantlets delicately spewing out the dragonously designed flares,


Tracelessly uprooting the hypocritical parasites consuming innocence …