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the falling



a used up creased wax paper bit
falls down ..dwindles delicate
in a zigzagged
lightness sway of a withering
butterfly and of a nestless

dusky passerine in mumbled
calls fading unto darkened
ignorance of blinded eyes

xanthophyllic angels in winged senescence
of the autumn in downward flights, embrace
them in grounded syncs

a liberation

sung in sunful hues
and the discoloreds and the decays
joining hands
with the dawning mists clearing fast

what remains are the warmth
of rich browning humming beds- the
earthen souls in cosmic prays



pic: web, ‘eternal’ by Naoto Hattori


[it’s] ‘warring’ past


bitter frost of “it’s” past:
ulterior vermins, absolute
venomous in any reminiscence
and worse, masked themselves
invisible in a guerrilla warfare

..the grips gotten all over it, crept in
asphyxiating until its emptied out
desiccated core..trying all ways-
their typical ugly-tactical
squeezing seizure, these gangsters

it’s expected inglorious fall
in sweat and chilling discomposure
..was as trystful a clinical neverfoundland
as was their utmost distressing retreat
in lunatic-ally dismayed forfeiture

….. . ‘dots’ of our continuum


not any hardline conqueror with hidden intentions
you, my subatomically infiltrative stranger
neither just an acquaintance nor a face of  animosity
towards me at any (un)known instance

its me its all only me… this brutal being in a long
spell of comatose awestrickenness
it’s a mortal bundle of neurons, tendons..and heartons
in deep-sweet intricate-aching lovestricken symphonies

it’s a reversing dead plasmic sea rejuvenating in your interface
to brackish flows, further pure towards your cleansing springs
I now cannot be any longer inanimate hurting newness in offering
need to break torments of latent ice with an avalanche

The temples I pray show  visions of your presence
in the empty darkness of the sanctum sanctorum
Dreams come in handweave of our intertwining threads
with such light and smoothness textures of nakedness

Lush forests are lesser dense than our inseparableness
woods echoing with childish and censorable plays
Lap in lullabies where I sleep and wake up throws me
in wantable teasers in the gushing shallow streams

Drink unto ourselves each other’s nectarine flows
drying bitterly brittle to the envy of vaporous redsun
Soaking yet again in our honeycomb pools, swell
more radiant with glassy wings in rainbow veins

Albeit ephemeral, flying high in total superimposition
to merge with the beyondness, the seeming horizon
Death is a dot, a point in our journey, when we stride
back in a magical leap to the next dot and more

Becomes an indefinable continuum to  those limiting math
mindgreys,  when cosmic hyperstatistics unfurl