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eyegame #1 : the crisis


eyes in utter
searched yours
in an awaited

but when they met
in an instant
dramatic act…

mine threw away
from focussing
yours’ drawing
magnetic ones

…out of ?

a combobulated

of infinite craving
and intense love
in just opposing

of a racing self-disperal
of an enacted ignorance
of quickened movements

but why?

when the need
was in embracing
your rendezvous

Just wondering
if the same chaos
dug you so deep
and  sweet bitter
stirring a crisis



the red chaos



Couldn’t get more of your sudden furtive sturdiness
An opaque rocked up fence selectively expelling me
Putrid words you utter get minced to bitter characters
Why I smell those underlying notes in repellant vapours?
And, well you mean the impossible as you say this now..
Will soon  strike a balance..by being a stranger again?
Such simple seems these unsolvable binding complexities
How felt are their spiralling cravings, but is it inner or outer?
Would make them float in dissolved convergence within me
Wouldn’t make them either invisible or clot hard emotionless
Synthesize very own glassy breathing bubbles making me alive
Transparent miniature huts where I wait ageless for your return
Bearing memories of your succulent petals with kissing scents
Precise castle of calculations  is in a puzzled disappearance
When bloods of timeless faith get pumped by clairvoyance

enclosed pic courtesy: Chaos 10by ~Narcisse-Shrapnel
link: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Chaos-10-300533487