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*eyes undefined*


this carpentered wood
caged in civilities
never knew of something
like moulting or such
when was but only
chronically peeled off
into abandonments

torn to sharp (self) sarcasm strips
of multi-fimbriating stratae
ungummed, obtusely skewed
laughing in unparalleled
loosening insanity
of still stuck
inner narrowing fleshy core
piercing ‘seat’-i-‘zens’
in at least
stark-remembered degrees
of injurious protusive angles

musty black streaks
dampened humidities
amongst them
was a rusty nail in persistence (of what?)
somehow highlighted
like a turning bit of fertile udder
under sparkling five-ish yellow rays
uncovered from a thundery darknoon
in unasked drizzles
over crispy cemented pavement
that went all shadowy
upon many fat-droplets’
in ghostly absorbance

turgid mind
breathlessly compressed
from force-coloured witnessings
driven from its own innard-screwing
bitterness strokes:
feverish tonguebuds
fatigued yogic muscles
almost holed-out bodily margins
in fluttery-shivering exposure
to unseasonal spells
of some chilling virulence

detox regimen
or degenerative liberation:
all for once
of a beginning (of an end)

whatever nomenclature
phenomena were perceived

had subtle-eyed permanence:
pain-pages of realisations
not forgetting
random maddenings
screamed inbetween

“even ‘nothing’
is with meaning
in a dream web of pervasive
where simulation
of cosmic infinities
applied alike
unto infinitesimal