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Caged in his freedom of love, the bird of her-

Fluttered in shallow heights, with loaded delights,

The fenced him surrounding her intimate,

She took a much-longed dream of a flight…


…Thousand conscious piercings hit all over her as she drifted,

his laser-ed sight-arrows of sanctified love never missing a shot

on her now yielded heart in his yearning-a smoothly succumbing hunt,

A sweet suffocation is this struggle, driving her sour-bitters of drought,

Her rigour-ed heart in a sea of molten silence with shivers of a sweet tremble,

His love brimming out in everything , emerging like an effortless miracle

in whatever she felt, like raindrops on her parched senses, to a deep trickle,

A type of breathlessness- blockened trachea and gasping nostrils,

A strangely planted eagerness in her desperate eyes searching trouble..

Yes! An addictive trouble worth sustaining just her life..her LIFE spectacle!

Swimming in tiding storms of unknown waters

Of suddenly surged trough of a dreamy ocean,

She woke up as a surviving fish, a secured bird,

Feeling thoroughly revived and owned by him..

Mutual are these relishing struggles, this sooner

she realized as she heard of his simulated state,

Neither did his eyes garner ever a pint of sleep,

Sensing each of her whispering heart’s hints.