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Life’s a Rhapsody -The White Barn Owl Times.


I step out of my shoes and view myself….I do this all the times,almost instinctive to me . Its  not unusual ,but rather capturing those elusive ,ethereal things that can connect all those puzzling pieces precisely! What I see is Life given to me, lead by me ..has always been rhapsodical…

Life’s been a continuum ,no doubt..but a series of discrete sparks that keep the whole package integrated. the true moments are those not when all those accolades n badges for mindwork ,not when that nostalgic accomplished feel of satisfaction engulfs you to become a self-sworned achiever of sorts,not that peer-propelled politics which one has to face n ,has to win dirtily maybe( under the unshaken assumption that ‘s the daily bread for existence!)….Hard to put it,Its only then had I neared a spark or felt one in myself, when I unceasingly burn the midnight’s oil  or even a split-second effort or experience for an unexplained cause..for a cause that brings out me.Obviously,I know that the “me” will always be the obscure and  unexplained …The unseen cue left behind in some of these ,”sparking ” moments are very implicative to an intuitive mind…

‘The white barn owl times’  is one such thing ..this rhapsody will be a good grand part of my whole lifetime I feel within…The inner ebbs are more when I have to cross this one I know!
…… be continued