Quotes for Quenching – 14


black-n-red: An inspired Write from the Reblogged Poet

are “the”colours…yeah. pretty
beautifully fatal
one could not walk away, but need
to cut through..sooner
or later. the amoebically pulsing
truth of abstractions. If not

for their alluring darkness
and passion, what
was life worth for
in its living while dying, or more
of a death lived

in a deepfound elemental
discounting those hyped up
geometrical rays, streamlined
in lightful illusion existing
as heavy magnified lies

Dirty Window Pane Poetry - An Experiment

“She showed up, tragic and beautiful, with a kind of necessity for which I was grateful to her. She was wearing a dark red dress, and a very pretty black hat with a net, which gave her a fateful look – the look of a woman still young but already marked by life.” – Simone de Beauvoir, from Letters to Sartre

A look to the sky and my eyes could not tell the difference between the light that stood before me, and the one that hovers above all our days. I stood immediately in awe of the rise that comes in rays through the blinds: My mind quickened, “She must like tea, why have I not readied tea already.” She could read my elated spirit, for I basically spoke to her of it from the doorway as I sent out the telegram about how she got me reflecting on the way I stood…

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