her prematuredly scribbled wall of a wise artistry


like an impossibility

the mysteriously familiar
‘angerest ghost’
like my own colorful shadowface
of an ‘inquisitive ‘ nomadic soul

and the symbolic demon
inner, that haunted and still did
in fluttering paintingles
of an asymmetrically-birthed
with lopsided abdomen
and crookedly
spiraling-in sensors

she wisely? tucked in
“our happy home”
just where we three lived
hoping against hope
swimming in the inhaled freedom
of a dangerously lived life

enshrouded more in peace of darkness
of our own sprawling human selves
and but the many unsettling hands outside
that tried curbing
by flickering torches
in disguise of penetrating sunrays


there we were
where we existed
beyond existence

how well the little girl

this enormity
of lightness in the gaining


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