In and Out: of a typical south indian ritualised eve ..and the unusal skies


the uprising caffeinated clamour
of filter kaapi flavoured aroma
as it  fuses in a zigzagging mishmash
with the slow-ballerina swirling pooja agarbathi-s
of even more complicated fusions
of what they
say popularly: mogra kewda
javvadhu saambrani
champaka rosappu
and whatnots

arousing ‘nostricintalling’
senses in starched up stern~inhales
all in that
fiery-tiny packed up
‘matchbox’ typa living room

outside, an expanse in seeming quietitude
as if standstill yet in looming mutiny
within an extended Indian evening
of a confused monsoonal summertime

in a partially clouded twilight
more clariant

with the beaming eastside
fullmoon goddess
gleeing over
the opposing skies’ studded

the unidentical twinlike
rare-shone jupiter
nearing for liplocks
with its
counterpart in brilliance

the constant venutian charmbloom

no other tiny flickering stars
matched this painted surrealism

of a haloed nightish bluegrays

best kept away they were
tonight, like
alien glowworms

for a palette
unusual yet befitting
the beauty beheld

in infinite immensity


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