in your presence        
a vaporizing feverish crisis, arise in wafery trembling layers over heavy beating pain gravity  
tongue licks in your nostril warmth: a relief of new normalcy streamlines upon sliding down spathy lids with narrowy frillridges running inbetween to deviate  

beautysleeps instant in vivid dreamvisions within twin darkmoons in random

chants your name repititive in just smooth vowel syllables even over consonant hitpeaks, thusly unhurting your arrival in fullness
permanence skies    
in your absence      
fingers roll in an invisible spiral in endless innard turns like your concentric depths of pulsating shimmer-eyes which I stare forever in magnetic  

gulps a string of sweetsour anxious chunks, over silences in hard-immobilized logjams that need shameless revelations by even a slightest chime of real talkings, in
awaits so long  

ears heaten up from inner volcanic cochlears spitting electric, its molten lava unto reddening papery margin tips in switching glisten-embers like those burns
between us  

energies keep deep-delving in your intricate searches those which phase-transforms melting away my fleshy dilutions cell by cell, in your gradual crave-haunting hope-memories, merely leaves an unseeing pithy dot of holistic me orbiting to be an integral one, with your
soul spherule    


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