Spiritual Poems : purely] bound morpheme : DU Poetry


Spiritual Poems : purely] bound morpheme : DU Poetry.

[purely] bound morpheme

there’s something inexplicable at first
about your sudden origins from nowhere
and signature presence throughout the day
right from dawns’ dark nascence:
your unceasing winds
swaying all ways
in tubular coolmint deposits
with overpowering guavaish scents
of sticky prickly-chaff’s inflorescence
and indignant roadside airs
of municipality’s rawcut leafblade, those
thigh-high grown cockatoo grass piling-up
though some remote mustiness
from distant rains’ store
floats on in davana notes

blows in a dare checkout
sketching my rather submissive outlines
slashes forehead wetness curls
of which a clumpsy strand posing
as, “a zoomed arched black sword
across mascaraless eyelashes
until pale peeling lips”

pulls out at limpid ease
further impoverishing

skirts lift such highs
from your wavy undulations
expose a skimpy being
to hottening knives
to many incandescent bits
of a singly summating soul
in harness of
intimate summersun in summons

whence comes this cool primal
freeform, filling in our nothingness
medium by indefinitely definitive traverse
so allows its other end
in magnificence: still-solidifying
flares of helium passion simmers
hardly containing itself, in a secondary
reachout to this miniscule untouchable
in slow-pain dissolution, primary bellows
hold me in meandering discourse, whilst
I gear up in solidarizing fundamentalities
that which now tantamounts
to your conquering warrior
invariably cutting across
my continental mass
at sweetshy disposal


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