quakes and humans [better is a red ant]


deadly nihilistic cells haunt self to dysthymic deaths often
lambasts in brutally ‘silent’ civic sophistications
births a new dotty weighment of corner painlump over vast nonexistent heart
blotting heavy bluish veins all over empty head in sirening bazaar echoes
that sinks down in a gherao: a whining metaltop cranium crown
while lazing eyes of indifference in a fucking sleepy closedown
blacks out in a meaningless fullstop
feeble links within dismantle as webs to the outer space
lying between their worlds grapple hard
withholding signals

a red ant navigates touchscreen in no skidding fun
sniffs each alphabet, plans a long literacy tent
when bloody reflexive fingers tend to carrom it faraway
halfopen humanity from nowhere liftlands it  belowway
already in jolts like doomsday episode sequels
this time with six or more quakes in a row
only thing now is to pray and pray
for the curious lil ant, which is perhaps
far more an ecofit, functional worthy being
aware of self and dangers, know ways
how to and how not to
live’ and [more importantly]


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