plasticized timbres


doesnt look like
she enacts her meaty role
in excusable oriental reservations
of a feminine timidity
that’s a theatrical turn on
but mostly doesn’t hold  in reality
and, not well within scope of scripts  

doesnt also seem to carry
spellbinding gorgeous elegance
this so lead female
in no clear demarcation
between an expressionless mannequin
and a cosmetic robot in unartistic cuts
of plastic linearity
and nil chemistry

a total spoil
for this complex role
that flies sky-pitch high
in a breakthrough hybrid note:
improvisational western ecstatic streaks
tucking in as suddensoft seductive edges
over a plaintive classical composition

when what audience need
is a futuristic Jhansi Ki Rani
in an outlandish romantic battlefield
tuning in ‘straight-winner’ temperamental timbres
her hapless display:
unwittingly reveals her Hyde out
in hipless hopeless moves


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