crossandra-ous birth[burst]: A Sonnet on post-apocalytic scenario


This time unlike disastrous dooms before
The forever file encryption happens  
in politely strict non-tandem rescue floor
leap-crossing polarizing eras to eonic havens

Does total loop-borrow from oldsoul pools
their firelet text pour-welds unto coilings within
How amazingly humble these live active tools  
align inspite of gross ‘core-conserve’ keyin

Fireball, this singlet stock soul awaits moment
to rock out of once-hostile weary layers in ashy debris
sky-colloides in a fusion with AkashGanga, the eternal figment
in icy-sleets pierce goblets of Fireball to rub-off war-histories

a still-fissile mindploy missile unearths, humid warmths lay
over earthen seed-skins, ‘firecrackers’ bloom in fatal clay

P.s: this sonnet follows rhyme pattern of Shakespearian sonnet, but more than its typical 10 syllable count per line.
Crossandra ( Crossandra infundibuliformis) is an orange to red to yellow flowering plant, commonly known as ‘Firecracker’ due to pod-exploding seeds


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