ancient equation


before lightning lapse of twilight dilemma
takes over the rangoli-rioting pastel skies
in a dim~dark consummation
they try to fall down for once like all other previous days
in hypnotic pull over her chanting third -eye Aajna
in circular firemoon-bindu adorns of powdery
maroon vermilion, that inturn
smothers protective
of fusing Nadi Singularity within
over possessing Rakhchasa and Pishasa
those which hide inside malicious eyes
of overdesirous devils

nomoon night stares black in mysterious radiations
over her now vulnerable temples crying migraine
nothing would cure this grip
except even His slighest embrace
in thoughts and dreams atleast
Vatsyayana’s verses:1250
and 64 Aayakalai


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