in ‘their’ ashes, they birth anew


She, the alluring jasmine swings in kinetic ponders
over explicit pining pillows in flexing tagpins
Her  beautiful bud~bloom intermediary
commotion within of an undeciding chaos
on an awakening slant verge of flat falling
towards His painbeep causal calls
in arousing silence

fanning on the whole night
His undesiccating wetbreaths
gently keep away her firm grounds,
that are far
from being guiltsome
to the still untending two
struggling to be an
equation tenable
bwurnaits midnight oil
not only this jasminsomniac
but Him, the radical forestfire
in marginating distances
until abstractions
in ‘their’ absolute ashes
easing dreamy

P.s: new word coined/used in this wrote

\jaz-mən-som-nē- ak\
adjective or noun
a person suffering from a strange insomnia, that is  caused~suffered by an alluring thought or illusion or intimate physical presence of beloved, albeit without actual indulgence; sleepless by something beautifully loving like jasmine or its fragrance or its mere dreams. Strange thing is it applies to both the subjects, causing mutual insomnia in same pining conditions of emotions~thoughts n more

\ bwərn-ˈä-iēt \
portmanteau mishmash word from ‘burn’ and ‘wait’, means an act of wait as it burns in concurrence


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