cut’throat’ procedure [ your kiss]


this is not ‘its’ basal abyss
that falls in an unfalling stagnation as before
its this time somewhere much above this dark ceiling
very much under trembling jawline in incision
of a thick painpull, the choking tongue strings

and damn
these blatant eyes
in start of a dumb effusive gush
that which startdrops a slow flow
in a crashing midway stand, at nasal
and that, this first wave
washes away astonishingly
by successive express-avalanche
anguish streams

the eyes. damn them again

never seem to dry out
like endless wordtrails in hardswallow
unsuccessful though in a burial
pricking as eternal thorns
in the same abyss, perplexing
juncture of a type

swelling facade shrinks in and out, more
of awkward compressions that bulge to sink
to bulge and so on such repeat episodes
peel out chilly patches
outta sorta airy deltaic drains
or are thay hastily random
evaporative vacuums
joining here and there?

feed on each crystal salt in shine-embeds
on my porous shores from erosive flows
and get hurt bit excessive over
cracking upper-lower softmounds
in need of moisture from your transfer
from almost lifeless stature
by needling target bites
on now resident peristaltic clumps
in a dilemma over the same
directionless abyss

self-tracherous straits
of a [hungry]throat
in your [passion]holds
in a clear’cut’ panacea

nothing if not heavy
descends down
to coagulate ‘enigmatic’
depths of sustenance


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