Song of the RainForest


sudden noon pacifier
warring downpours

echoed in an exploding mishmash
over Her forever frilled umbrella canopies
streaming down through her sensual trunks

downsized to crunchy drizzles
stagnated as
million miniature mirror pools
paling yellow to drying leafcups
working in finetuned brightness
nullified His glaring flares, a forest fire
to shysoftened soothing glomance
(un)settling in adventurous overlappings
a ‘vana kamasutra’

He reflected a surprise
as midnight’s singing fullmoon

crawling in notorious slowness
in and out of Her venturing wetness
on her black wavy cloud~locks
swaying over breathless mountains
slipping into many curvy contours
finally getting lost
into her heavens of unreturing depths
those dense packed nights

days revolved
and She kept evolving in the glomance
until sinistrous humming winds
swept away moistness,  and His song too
cloud threads exhausted to heated voids

global warming currents
played villainy
His song in her memories
like her fallen hollows

Her vacant mind
going on in and in
the blackspace unknown

cried within

“empty label haunts more
as looming contents sink
to the unretrievable
forgotten rhythm
severed lyrics
doomed words

but oh wait, now
a rainbow change

in diffusing faints
beautiful singularity floats
his discrete syllable
his discrete word
his discrete ray
his discrete light
arrives me
just me
in all exactness

I get the word

as I see the light

I get you, the song”

it then rained copiusly
brought Her sun in mirrors

[We (hopefully) greened her canvas more
surviving them, Song of the many Rainforests]


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