a day out.. for elemental feelgoodness


this day was going to be in memories for long time to come…a visit to a “Hanuman” deity temple on the remote outskirts of coimbatore,  safely away from all the bustling urbaneness,  pollution and all. went on there as part of a family unit on brother’s birthday,  just like a typical Hindu family would do for any auspicious occasion in need of blessings.

It was only when I googled about its history late after the visit, a lot of its significance surfaced, especially about the unique monolithic “suyambu” dieties there. Am not going too intricate on the religious aspects of this temple, rather would keep it on a spirualistic peaceful note that I derived inner. (for those who would want to know the exact details on its history,  do check out tye temple’s website here at http://idugampalayamanjaneyartemple.tnhrce.in/history-idukampalayam-anuman.html)

What caught my eyes was a banyan tree there..green n yellow paling leaves,  and the surprise the reddish-orange leaflets tied so painstakingly,  n they exactly seemed like the paling leaf reds! Here’s the canopy shot taken right from below:


And yet another small “mantap” caught my eyes for its architectural serenity wave that drove within me in an instant..


An extremely sunny day.. but not tiring at all, thanks to my brother’s smooth n fast driving, the kids n family were taken safe n cool.

But that was not all about this very mediocre Indian noon that was made special by one and all there… and also by my words if they helped sounded it all out of ordinary (well, certainly not I hope),  the innocence and love of its twinkling eyes of a week- old calf brought a kid out of me as the children adored n played wi th her: she was christened ” Agasthya” by its owners, our lunch- hosts that noon on that beautiful rural side farmhome:



And then, our guests had their harvested bunches of small -onions that shone v like bulbous button roses held together, whose driesd grassy tops were tied in farmer’s rustic  elegence..


A day out… for real elemental feelgood or goodfeel or whatever good afterall, for sure.


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