the fireflies within


dry burning patch

a clean sweeping fire
flaming allover

sparks crackled
cracking darkness

the fireflies

with an earthly longing smell
over clumping phase

such ‘links’:
from a marshy clumpsy dot
to some decisive shapings
laughed out
with sly veins
of their lurking
midnight-bluish complacence
whilst cliffs were hung finger-held
facing silhouetted twilight hillocks:
the once lighted
sky-lined green pastures

still largely unbelieving
the set-up gallows
within,  around

with a greedy glint
painted as hope

no sooner
the intensifying distant sun
birthed more nascent
noon-moon glowworms
that stared
unbelongingly synthetic
pitted against the randomly
blooming bigger background:
the skies
with creative agendas

an illusiont’s handwork
as it posed
to its petty grappling mind

the becoming morph
blown off midway
dreamy fluffy nothings

pretty acyclic



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