Waits of the Nailed up Lampblack Mansion


I-The Accidental Entry

Whirring whirlwinds tumbled over
in the slightest unyielding
tiffs over guardless entrance

these longlaid vacuums had been baffling
to the NewAge miscreant currents of globalwar(m/n)ing
in erratic occurrences

II- Working the Mid-Way Way Through

Waited for a destructive foothold of this confronted
Creaked through the resilent emotionless doors
on those scopeless bottomholes and thinlined sideways
Cracked in the cobwebby windows,  the hazy
glasspane fragilities and those ratholed meshy nets
raising a gush of redrusts and tiny glassymissiles of sharddusts

Choked with piercing contaminants, widemouthed waves
felt its egoistic airs in bruise and fisted up the wildest
But not before that, was into sneezy thunders
that grounded as raining calamity over
emptied bland walls footed with cold tilings

III-The Inciting

For once, the rambling winds hit the walls hard when
something in many engravements over them
ended up in unclassifiable
arousals, rubbed incremental over the countless projections
The tightened buttons were they,  nailed as (decora/protec)tive pillars
   nightish flavoured with viscous lampblack shines in unopening blinks
Tempting drowsy blows got a gathered momentum,  that went on digging
deep for a treasure of pleasures unearthed ever in any histories or geographies

IV- “Its” Waking

Plastered porosities broke up in moaning firebreaths
Shrunk those winds in a mildest of embrace
Its overflooding slippery floors
drowned and downsized them to traceless dissolution

IV- The Sealing Back… But wait

Anaerobic vacuums yet again
Desires of the self and the outer curiosities
buttoned back
as nailed closures
of the unquenched whirlpool

that which better stayed inanimate
And, unprovoked
Better as emtpied the inner and facade as ever

But then…the tectonic Tsunami arose
smelling the pheromonal lampblacks

Manmade-ness and madnesss
of Emptiness
Ceased existence


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