volcanic dynamics of a constanted solitude


a series of interconnected palaces
in breathtaking sprawls

our divided groups
interspersed at its various locales

its mammothness
grew in some seeded mysteriousness

what’s our purpose there?

nobody sensed an escape out
those who tried thriller tactics
through ‘pulling back’ terraces n pipelines
ended in more captivities
under them
the forces

who were they?

I seemed
to be knowing them
in bleakness

Soon felt was one
of the vouched leaders
a selfslaved underdog
once, unfurled my faintred umbrella skirts
like a repressed chameleon
inexpressible in changeable flash-kills
much to the disgusted ruling champion
whose had sought much valour
from this assumed warrior

from stubborn selfmade fires
the unspelt uncharacterized
pained cottony tonnages
smokeiness smothered eyes

voices thickened
marring visuals
like iron creepers

“Need to call our vet
Danny’s sluggish”
his concern

“Yea, had not been in his appetite”
her shrillness

there were more of those
“under the sun” talks
their daily dose
of eloquent nuptial caffeine
in incremental strengths
ousted oldness
mom n dad

a lowly done self-catalytic warmth
rubbed overnight unworked palms
over releasing volcanic eyelids

awoken to the blurring daylights
from still burning dreams
both seamless
in the silence
of resonating solitude

as ever


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