zig-zagged paths
of the east-wast ghat
merger forests
not much surprised
with sudden thrown
blockades –
animate inanimate
that  shook self
unto the torn rooftops
of my
a stammering
stuck hard
in no better escapades
with this nomadic
let-loosened voyager

a distant green haven
the sapped out eyes
through the soulless
mapping binoculars

a miraculous path in the woods
that which
instantaneously mind-sirened
in no horrific alarming riots
but a pleasurable crisis surged
in the soorhing shades
of deep-etched solitude
amidst warmth lullaby-laps
of the background lichenous artistry
over sagacious standstill
canvases of rosewoods and sandalwoods

steaming kettle in an effervescent music
brewed essence
of the mountainous Darjeeling strains
the pristinely flowing
helically twisted  non-ending tea-threads
sparkled amber-honeyed  seethrough
cutglass liquified sheets

trickled down

the choas
the me
as I hot-kissed the first sip
your face gleamed
amongst rippling solitude


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