this, “subconscikiss”


5ish sun in brisk yellow floods

skies in jet trail white
gets strange crisscross
monarchs at altitudes
of the poetic doves

in a mesmerize

this sudden paradise

ushers something
oozing release
robotic I do
live dejavu

hands unfurl
the waiting you
in pixelating visions

cellular on smoke hot fire
in eternal steady grabs

shrinking lips are thick cups
drinking you into my senses

you smell
rich petrichors
crispy caramel honey bake
a dash of fresh harvest
tuberous turmeric spice



immature crunchy
rosaceous buds
of your deep mouth

lingers lukewarm 
edible till no bounds

you know well
this one
no breakdown
no chemicals
}potassium iodide di-sulphide{

this one
thought~act~you~me~all around

anything coming close
to this utmost delicacy?
still not in discovery
atleast not consciously

p.s: written for a poetry comp called,’mindchild’
mindchild  word: “subconscikiss” 
: the almost instantaneous passionate act of kissing someone or something out of the exuberance of long and strong mind-stacked ideas,feelings etc.,  and the so-sensed magical environ that stimulates this outburst that the person is not aware of


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