Thirteenth Heaven


(scribe on  Hippie Commune Taylor Camp, Kauai Hawaii)

Rigours raped ruthless
Smashed shapeless until bled out

Bundle of half-burnt filths
hung out in feeble threads of testimony
stank in their morbid reminiscences

Atrocity had another identity
hidden behind the star and stripes

Celebrity fucked highlights faded oblivious
Tried that packed up isolation in rebellious ways
Om Shanti
Hare Rama Hare Krishna
The Cult
Freeform Love
Seemed easy in those uncut trances
Homegrown marijuana haze
of naked dreams
dissolved under defamation
or whatever framed therein
to be gobbled back
into the gutless guts
of the big-bellied predator
The inbred-diseased dictators

Jumped out radicals
the valence electrons
the face of diversities
Out of nuclear rigidity
dragged back
into concreted cellulars
whorish and in cowardice evolution

A simplistic drop of pureform love
disappeared forever
in the jerky black waters
stratified as ever as sludge undifferentiated


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