the Topslip agents


a bored nature
turned dark-themed
for an intense once,
played relentless
red havoc
in millon multiplied
minuteness levels

submerged awkward hillocks 
with littlest-exposed rocks
in desperate murmers
of their
dirty mossy makeovers

beauteous hilltop

a marshy trap

those ugly cowboy shoes-
from peeling corners
of the ironic honeymoon cottage
delicately romantic as it posed ever,
-haven’t you put them on
for treading past
swampy quicksands
burst-bloomed on loosened sands
from broken dam’s watertowers
that stood as time(less) walls?
didn’t you,
you pretty blinded brainless
got decked up
for magnified trivialities
the looming microdoom?

let her frozen velvetty body
be left in some peace
atleast as it (de)composed
devoid of drunkard creatures
that had left her
from sprung bruises

you the useless coward,
left alone to be hunted
by spineless times’ agents,
ran across
stunk slippery slopes
only to be end-dumped
a brick-poster cadaver
by them
the same gummy residents
that bled out your (her) spirits

you glimpsed them
as you too blacked out
on the jammed subway 
sucked out flesh banks

rich grapereddish
gotten even more 
filthy fattening rich


clinical leeches


11 responses »

    • Tq 🙂 yeah cud say that..had been to aliyar topslip once or twice in my teens, but this is,a write partly frm experience n some darklt fantasized.. for a poetry comp in my usual poetry site

      • visit..its a nyc place..myself a coimbatprean, this is v.nearby n been der ryt from school college trips to vacation.
        this is my poetry blog but am almost always busy in my poetry site here at
        do visit…u wud like the site for its truly brutalike poetry from global ambience. But love it fr its contemporary n dark side, n the interactions der bharat. Had been der from 2012, been told tat tym by my one indian poet friend

      • oh coimbatorean, how geographically lucky of you! i’ve always thought pollachi was the perfect intersection point.
        I most certainly will visit your space, comrade 🙂 i find darkness fascinating but it is like a vortex (to me), it takes control after a point. i feel, these days, more comfortable with finding shade in the light 🙂

      • i understand, darkness is one thing that had differing shades..u certainly its upto one’s own disposition to absorb the preferred intensities 😉

        coimbatore.. Yeah lucky plateau ppl we u wud be evn more appreciating if i say i stay nearby to mettupalayam, thatz near ooty:) pollachi is more south..myplace is the north

      • if am.not mistaken, u r based out of the hot humid but fast buzzing chennai i hope…cbe cud be said as a tn bangalore almost..u r welcome this part of state v.much frnd:-) no need fr the greenz lol

      • Yeah unfortunately buzzing chennai, bangalore is too.much for me though. Most cities are. My head and my heart, and kidneys belong to tne hills. And yeah green fades to sepia yellow 🙂

      • Yeah yellow is nostalgia for me too 🙂 i can only see the sun as discoloured freshly squeezes peach juice. You have been an interesting find too, friend 🙂

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