The Happening



tunnelized from numerous shrill and chill
timid whistling frequencies
Got boldened, synergized
in a tortuous storming scream
A dense non-evasive continuum
Swirled its abrasive airs
around, tearing ears
Punctured skins
hanging them inside out
to severed bled threads
Cacophonous greys
epicentred sunless heart
Hitlerized currents
hammered hopes
to deadlocked blocks

A fiery spark
least expected from  chemburn fire
traversing in a diverted curvaceous path
fell upon dreary borders
on those frozen hinterlands
exacting its convexical chimera-
      an unseen thinline nation
      with palewhites and blackbrown
A non-necrotizing eventuality
solarized in lifelike illuminations
Busted out cellular dormancy
fossilized as volcaniced streaks
Sprung molten harmonies
A vaulted sunshine universe
in drizzling simultaneity
A dreamt reality
kicked alive
within, around and beyond

the heroic spark
designated elsewhere
fused noncontemplative
in calming spontaneity
Destiny had its (w/s)ay
Never anybody
dared a touch
if not tweaked
Noteven the spark
nor the subject
or the politicized objects


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