per aspera ad astra


from uninspired dull greys
through faded blues
into aquamarine shimmers
albeit with still withdrawn
mossy patches
dotted optimistic
with lemony eyes

chipped details
in the purplish
that stood turned
as borderings

her next streaks

an unexpected splatter

crunchy sand skins
in a smothered freefall
all over
butt in some sudden risen
clayey cemeteries

that played cards
like bitly-curtailed freedom

over them
a snowman featured
in starkly white goemetries

before I faintly remembered
her previous pink series
in a recent past
in her silent violet tee
with abstract-dotted skirt

her cutely illumining
platinized canvas
got whitewashed

a decision

blank and clear

bed of Leucas aspera
with million strung units
of tubular honey stalks

each waited to be drunk
and deep-explored


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