mirroring the looking eyes


northern magnetronic
gush of virgin chillness
breaks through
the opening morning doors
as sleety haze
of spraying mists

clears off
all of a sudden
as if things falling in line
with His flaring orangish passion

the mastersun’s fire
ignites Her camphoreceous heart
the earthern lady sizzles
in her sublime rising flames
holding His glassy pheromonal rays

her meditating eyepools
are in rain-prayer dances
by the dotting angels
the shallow peacock blue needle damsels
and higher draganous helicopter warriors
in steady unblinking hover missions

as first crop
of monsoonal drizzle fuses
on her granular tropics
conceptional fragrances
of geosminic actinomycetes
bursts out in sandy dusts
a mesmerizing release

rustling autumn leaves
in deep-crunchy notes
shape vertical
as tinging tornadoes
over seamless horizons

on the distant corners
spying myopic visions
zooms in
the tender adolescence 
of the Thar girl
in firm sprawls
her dusky landscapes
bear thousand sanddune breasts
with erective palms and sappy oases
amongst her dreamy fluidic mirages

swarming locust armies
create switching scenes
as they displace themselves
in fainting velocities

killer smile flashes
in drawing fluorescence
of yellows and pinks
the pithy cacti
P blooms
out of her thorny succulents

nightish oceanic indigoes
cast infinite starry diamonds
January Jupiter dazzles along
and a rare emerald comet
streaks lightning fast
across telescopic space
its wispy purplish-blue tail
leaves a magical trail
on those looking eyes


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