karmic wheels over mere hollows



you bore them voracious
drained out sumptuous
silken ripened essence
from wide blossomed
tagetes inflorescence

arrowed upper
both sidewise
your foxy eyes
over yieldied mine
in fluttering blinkers
at that chaotic
wanton destruction
were vulturing
with black owl
from tympanic teeth
ripping flesh

hardness often lashed
out whipped in deceptive
radars unreaching need spots
on the craving love abyss
that deepened in your mirages

when your listless unsealed lap
were meant to be a nestling abode
to this cocooned in compressed curl
and, my oceanic tears should have
torn your delicate aortic tenderness
you sat idly fiddling touchscreens 
in fabric hardly seeped in wetness
which atmost caused not more than
arousals in senseless protruberance

cut now

cut the scene

all of them

bitterness of truth

can’t live your lie
can’t kill that too

which stands monstrous
from build up lusts in cancerous lumps
behind the elusivity in search, no where now?

hunting wheels of karma
rolls over leftover hollow


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