Episodes of Stillborn Dreams in Lived Deaths


In excessive rigorous regimens
the IST were garnered like ethics
as ever, unquestioned
the Indian Stretchable Time

her window-seated lengthening journey
crossed many silencing nights
from the dotted remote stations
when she woke up early
to one
unhappening morning
the non-‘express’ive mail
was staggering
amidst the valley of dacoits once
when horsemen thievery
were not uncommon
these terrains were only left with
the sharply flat-shaven Acacia canopies
and rockhard terrains like tonsered heads
stared empty
as if in unsaid agonizing depths
more darker
than the numerous crossed tunnels

eyes ached
from sleeplessn nighmarish blinks
thin stuck film
floated in stillborn dreams

a sip of hot coffee
from the pantry specialities
would have superficially
repaired her somewhat
if only
thete were contractor’s timely supplies
who were never tendered uncorrupted

everything existed
but only just existed
as faded remnants
dying or dead
like her stillborn dreams
all well coffined
mostly inside the eye-burials
of the cracked red veinlets
and in those rarely falling

the trailing caterpillar coach
pulled back sudden
in the middle of santra orange fields
some acrobatical youths
(who were obviously ‘non-buffalo’ fellows
when it came to activated movements)
jumped out earnest
for hurried haphazard harvests
a grand new fusion flavour
emanated from citrussy bursts
over the almost molten
rusted railroad tracks
in that scorching noon
when the lazy pantry unit
kick-functioned finally
to a meagre revival
of fainting eyes
behind hazy laces
of enormous
dearths and deaths

Iced mint tea
vapourized bland
as it flowed past
the necrotizing coasts
of her burnt tongue


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