enigmatic ‘time(s)’


Fractional drips
filling up conundrum vessels
Or were they exponentially
birthed fissions
in clairvoyant mission?

as cut off pendulums
in standoff vacuums
of melancholic monotony

in an unventured space within?

Chimed notes
between spontaneous innocence
and indecipherable ticking motives

And,  scrapped off immortal skins 
rained as papered emery clots
wriggling amoebic in no determination
Clogged breathing basal floors in a landlock

Eyes caught temporal sparkles
studded in rare angular dimensions
only waning off in diabolical nothings

Alternating strides
Spatial dunes in shadowy furrows
Spread amongst the live frames
Preying mass
in bled out skeletons
needing graveyards

Were ‘they’ traversing
or scapelessly dreaming?

Would ‘they’ be reversing
or infinitely forwarding?

Riveting equations
demanded amending tools

Greyed chunks engrossed
Were they flawed..or outwitting expanse
Or ever they were, not mattered enough?


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