datura-ish dream-reads


in fatal attractions you draw me inner your voluminous contents, edgy page shades in mattened ripples spread in

the fluorescent passion of fanta-ish saffrons, reiterate our monogamous bindings, your frank black and white elements in clairity prints over monotonoy

the off-whitish straw background smells addictively bookish inspite of its lifelike sandy  dulls, bursts nostalgic of the colourless skies from your encyclopedic libraries

in timelines of mossy to military, earthly to pragmatic greenish volumes blazing inbetween with outrageous red bookmarks, rare starry glimmers of wiggly silverfish cloudnines

median page holds a just in soft press your herbarium beauty,  a fascinating dream flora in purplish borders over her flawless white gowns

seductive datura, your tender swan neck is in earnest commands for pale-pinkish crescentic moonbites, petallic nibbles in serrate freestyle margins and your tough stalk below

pictures your sternly dark nipples with dusky tusk thighs, heightening crisis in mustard yellow flames that dehydrates but not chars

we settle down as the original residue, off-whitish straws of our fluent bookish accents


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