curse of the elusive parallel infinities


stirring thought spindles tonight
in a probability of firing chemistry
the lengthening imaginations
solidified your dispersing face

had you ever cared about
the lifeline flowabilities?
from your caught spark
to the wilderness spreads
in raw fulfilling creations

the concreted essence
of the extracted moment
was in its pithiness, ground
from stinging pollens
over receptacles
with nectary pulls
gravitating you
in many droplets
until that realised one
in roaring warfare
flagellated hard
in a deep statement

eyeslands fissured
from high pitched cracks
to singing deserts
in moistened dearths
in strange similitudes
of sandy dusts
over downpoured
earthen crust

leached out
soulfluidic tears
felt like quenched thirsts

flooded flows 
took high flights
in the weightless skies
feathers caressed core
from your swimmed airs
in long orgasmic flutterings

floods got contained
in a standstill unison
beat the mortal hunger’s
overeaten indulgences
followed with unmindful
runaway aloofness

sleeping elusive plateaus 
budding with loaded dreams
outdid peaked intimacies
in stipulated presence

of two opposing infinites
were not larger than
a bigger infinity
of two parallel infinities


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