Artistic (de)Voids



these prevalent colours
their chameleonic reflections
parceled in grave someness
in pure existential suchness

added over and upon
the karmic dirts
the cameras flashed feigning innocence
blinding whiteness loaded with manipulation motives
however momentary they pronounced

a synthetic turf was the resultant devastation
earthen skins and sands
were thoroughly blown off from the scenes

and then
the accentuations
in strange alien accents
with the other juggleries
rolled out from his oddity tool
the protruding backpack

blackened the void
that held chaotic stillness
the contained oceans and merging horizons
the simplistic pencilled invisibilities

all that got
deceptively war-mirrored
were the frail mechanical faces
with seriosity shrinkline fixations
of hidden desires and desperations
marring crisscross
like fragile lake geographies
of a Finland’s snowy innocence

lying beneath
were the cruelest Dead seas
of fresh breaths
and the bare essentials
of emotions, truth and art


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