Woodpeckery Rousings


Aging sounds unpleasant anytime. Coming of the age, accelerated aging may be a worrying discovery, esp. if its of non-selfdiscovery modes:). I remember someone saying my changing laughter tone as an indicator.. how harrasing that moment was only I knew! I felt like i would never ever have a rustic hearty laughter and would need to evolve those corporate-type swallowed short traceless laughter better:(
Speaking of laughter, beyond time and any captured dimensions was this morning’s surprise ,racing senses like an ageless warrior..thousand audacious ultrasonic lemons in a simultaneous blasting squeeze over sleeping senses, that laughter-like fast trumpeting beats of woodpecker’s. Was almost goosepimpilicious by their rendering of hurried duty calls re tearing amidst a perfect cool and tender breezy morning settings. Eternally sensational!!


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