Being Kali this Women’s day and everyday , Shakti’s fiery manifestation, in the daily Asura Vadham*


Morning starry eye sun-blurs to half-nothingness
patches in blowup, hazy magnifications in fringy outline of own eyeballs
poke visions’ in a non-differential chaos
mixes with farther background sitting pretty stable
deepens the solitude run towards inward
soul flames in a focussing bundle rise to reach high and draws back often
tranquil seas simmer red hot by ageless cosmic spindle
try not in vain to stir otherwise and severe the bonds of creation
rage of this gentle feminineness shall crumble you to original dusts
exorcises those harsh dumbness, the enslaving masculinity
creator redesigns too after slight or total demolish


* Kali, Shakti-  in Sanskrit, reference to Hindu Goddess
* Asura  Vadham- in Sanskrit, The demolition/Killing of Demons


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