the 19th of Feb, a web of separation and the bigger link


eleven years consisting of eleven days of emetic oddity in it..and many still more years to come until heart’s mind erases to nullness… this day in ill-fills and in inkful smears of angry vein thoughts of once in a wed, that either never exists now or even not at its very inception. It seems acceptable now as a deceptive mirage of one’e own hype in immature greens of a bitter fruition, which well unceasingly casts its torturing occurrence more virulent on this particular day..proving and leaving a moving note, surprisingly a fine print of child-like maturity spindling over a core of spiritual agelessness in a confinement much in the asking for…from births unknown. The shy girl, the simple woman, the different mother, the ageing single unconventional specimen ..all but a play of forms until the spark in throws dissolve in the mingling dusts..of settling darkness..of the matterless invisibilty. Connectivity happening each moment fastforwarding the cosmic link in destiny..utterly thankful for the well-deserved rightoeus bitterness in generous offering with a pleasant sweet astringence of an after note not in wildest of an expectancy, the 19th of Feb!


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