moonrise, this valentine

moonrise, this valentine

a massive brittle straw
she lays in naked framework
crawling craving  fingers devoid of any fixtures
vascular hollows are her body null of dreamy pithiness
 fractured branches of broken hairs wavering over her barren minds
faintly heard arrhythmic beats of dying heart lifts up all against the pitch dark well
lying in long abandonment of creepy haunts consuming her adjacent bodily leftovers
like a thriving snow bud towards winter sun, she breathes in a reviving over his opulent moonface
in full blooms of a magically receptive Pournami*, whatelse can prove more than this
the spectacle of life, of love, of intimacy, of something still not in easy exploration
this rare moonrise stands a cracking testimonial for this, her undying hope, their love


* Pournamitamil word meaning” Full moon” or Poornima” in Hindi/Sankrit
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