The Repetitive Greens


The assault continues
Wherever she steps
Pre-targeted to chronic deaths in nanoprecise sucking straws of brutality
arrowed on the blinded her from countless directions of hunting destiny
closing in with pointed venoms to bleed her way until masterminded graves

Today, they totally overweighed all their past heinous designs
occurring in a continuum of tiny ant-bitten tortures in naiveness  
Ugly clouded blame games outpouring acid rains on her peeling off
skins wanting to breathe out aloud in just simple terms of skeletal truth
against ill-fates, playing to tear her until depths of loud flaming truth

Naked minds selling themselves off in their seducing glassy voices
Diamond studded teeth flashes plastic smiles in-between meany talks
Nauseating her sitting in resistance amidst diminutively butchered values
Bearing their obnoxious buggy-green plasmic spurts on her matte-finish face

Hastily evading her way to grounded street-life relief
Sets hopeful travel of difference in their mingling
Needing a slightest of their hardened life touches with pungent sweaty emanating scents
The embraces felt in such tried intimacy explode assumptions in atomic pieces of her spirit

Their conquest is very well here too
Now quite unsurprised she is, on what they do
Their colonial spreads over thatched hut hearts which no more drips trickling raindrop twinkles
Its again those plasmic greens depleting oxygen sprinkles

Her cavities get clogged of yellowed bitter bile in overflowing
Those undigested lives met across wanting release out of her serenity holdings
Not even a picospace free of green plasmic fluidities exist in greed-possessed territories

Self-smothered to their undrunken death than a luxurious life-plunge in their greeny sludge
What if her eyereds intensify altogether in necrotic revenges of massive greens in spillage?

Hope is synonymous with an infinitesimal spark
And, that she carries zillion in her starry skies, setting off a single hymnal fire wiping greens

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