Words take more subtle dimensions
Going beyond mere comprehensions
Surrounding myths
Silenced truths
Compressed rigidities
Accentuates their free flow
Turn stark with creative strokes

Your tailor made trimmed talks
Your cosmetic cameo appearances
Your maneuvered political gestures
Your hurried entry for blunt exits

Weird that even air you breathe
Seeks nothing less than liberation
From your monstrous dark  cavities
A petty releasing fight they do put up
Sweating bit of your immoral blood pool
Weeping out part of your corrupted plasma

The mythical that you are in concrete abstractivity  
Where are those days of mutual poetical fascinations
Where are those dancing breezes between us in a trance
Trampled garbage are those treaded dreams of togetherness
Rotten to be forgotten within doubtful traces of your heart

Something sparks an awaited second of ageless beckoning
Something inner sheds you for an unknown transcendence
Something again seeks the undying journey in one’s solitude
Slowly the madness of your myth dissolve towards sanguinity


Pic ” Dark Clouds” Acrylic on Canvas by Aisyah Ang


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