…yet another stream of dream, yet another lease of life



Hatched out abrupt of a nascent dream like a concussed
stream, still remnant events haunting to fit inside puzzling
memories in violent lashing tides , dry silt-some cues of an
outlined scene briskly drew hues of a risky newness settling
in as bleak essence…
… yet dotted ill-accuracy taunts hard probing
mind, clubbed cool moon-white pebbles in long meditating
silence  of embellished subconscious shores, neatly stacked
one-by one on madly racing  heartburn pedestal as quickened
coolants, a sudden grasp of  vivid-some sequences clasped me..

and left me here to remain, forever!


p.s: originally posted by self  first on my fav du-poetry site /Published 16th November 2012 7:58pm  Last modified 16th November 2012 8:01pm



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