true placebo


As I hold happening sword of my battle over crystal eyes
marred by tears in chiselling routes over sterile cheeks in brimming
waterfalls running sideways  wetting  painful  inks of life to lifeless
chill pillows still unresponsive to any transfusions..

Dripping rain pearls of silken white translucence in juicy exuberance
settles on now no-more a bud, tough blossomed bosom eye
draped in alluring dark pigmented cynosure

Each drop shines more than a starry twinkle in egoistic winks over their
eternally wedded skies bearing any amounts of their notoriety

This time now, my skyless ceiling looks deeper in meaningful
breathing movements
Lustful atmosphere spreads out of aromatic digging depths
Trying to reinstate my stake over others’ faking duality games..
Let self merge as one to diverge in needs
Never forgetting to roll back though

There is yet another today with tomorrow.

p.s:  Published 6th December 2012 4:04pm  Last modified 6th December 2012 4:30pm , by self on du-poetry


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