n-th BIRTH



hysterical demonic switches rushing like sex hormones in tribal dances
Tapping suicidal steps, stamping likes to dislikes in (na)no seconds
Reversal out of question, if not an option to diminutive corrupt minds
Benevolence in drier dull complexions
Malevolence in pinks of stepped up fashion
Both walk pretty side by side
fused in masked words floating around hugely promoted worlds

Once offered honest cut flowers of sunshine showers at wretched doorstep
Slammed to be a crushed delicacy of appetizing meaty chutneys
Finely serrated to fit into deathly hinged alleys of turbid darkness
Dripping until last blood to their tongue’s sleazy receptacle

Unseen tussles augured possessed heart’s dump on the drain
Million blinded eye forsaken in beloved smiles of black magic
Self-nodding scapegoats, you gift your skull out of hypnotic spell
How easy a specimen of decapitated goodman in cemetery collections?

A valiant beat heard in ascension over witchcrafty backgrounds.
Resuscitated heart awakens braving out tightfit evil twilights

p.s: fisrt published by self on du-poetry site on 20th November 2012 3:50pm  Last modified 20th November 2012 3:52pm



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